How vulnerable are my devices to security breaches?   

We follow strict data security protocols to ensure that your personal information is never compromised. All our devices are designed to handle data as safely as possible, with maximum security against breaches. What we are currently doing to combat potential security breaches  We funnel our device communications through the latest Zigbee 3.0 protocol. This protocol includes data encryption and data access limitations (confined […]

How do I keep my account secure?

Do NOT share Arize account credentials with anyone you don’t trust  If you do need to grant access to your home to someone, make sure to use the access code sharing feature within the Arize Resident App. You can learn more about access code sharing here. If you need to add another permanent resident to your home, contact your […]

Can I remove all data relating to myself in the system?

We are also able to permanently remove specific sets of data upon your request.  Additionally, all records related to you are not accessible to property managers once you’ve moved out of their community.     Send us a request by contacting    

Can my property manager see my smart lock access history and/or motion detection history? 

A log of sensitive device activities is only available to you. Property managers DO NOT have access to this information. This includes:   Access code usage   Motion detection   Entry detection records   A log of device activities related to operational upkeep and public safety is available to both you and your property manager. This includes:   Device battery level   Online status   Water leak detection   Extreme temperature detection  

What type of data is stored in the system? 

Information that only you and your property manager can view Name  Your account email  Apartment information   Contact information   Lease information    Device information  Note: We will never disclose this information to any third-party companies without your consent. Read more about our privacy policy here: