How do I change the entry state of my Openpath entry point?  

To change the entry state of an Open Path entry point Click Access Control in the side navigation menu.  Filter to find the entry point you are looking for.   Once you have found the entry point you are looking for, click the dropdown under the “Entry State” column and select the desired state.   Note: Certain entry […]

How do I view an Openpath Entry Point’s access history?  

To view an Openpath Entry Point’s access history Click Access Activity (under “Access Control”) in the side navigation menu. Filter by date, entry point name, or person to view the access activity you are looking for.  Once you select your filters, click Apply.

What is Arize Zone Management?   

With Arize Zone Management, you can grant and revoke access to every Arize device in a building, all from the Arize Management Portal. Within Arize Zone Management, you’ll find Tenants and Team members, Zones, Entry Points, and Activity. These sections enable you to add building occupants, set up the correct zones for entry points, and monitor individuals coming in and out of your building.      […]