What are the different types of devices?

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What are the different types of devices?

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Arize Smart Hub ASH110

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The Arize Smart Hub ASH110 connects wirelessly to a wide range of Arize smart devices. Once connected, it serves as the central point of communication for all smart devices within your apartment unit. The Hub is part of a cloud-based system that streamlines monitoring and controlling of all Arize smart home devices, while also delivering real-time data and notifications to you, the resident.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Seamless and secure connection to all Arize devices.
  • Supports up to 100 connected Arize products without affecting Wi-Fi.
  • Control all Arize Devices from 1 central App.
  • LTE (4G) backup network ensures 24/7 connectivity.

If your Smart Hub disconnects frequently, please reach out to us for support

Yale Smart Lock YRD216

There is no longer any need to manage rings and rings of keys. The Yale smart lock provides you and anyone you choose digital access codes to enter your unit. Unique access codes can be created and distributed from the free downloadable resident app for easy access without a key. And don’t worry, the device also includes a physical backup key that enables access in the event of a battery or connectivity outage.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Durable push button and tamper-resistant keypad that illuminates to aid nighttime access.
  • Remote-controlled locking and unlocking through a single app (iOS/Android).
  • Auto locking that allows for the door to lock itself after a brief period of time.
  • Temporary access for anyone that needs to enter the apartment (friends and family, maintenance workers, babysitter, etc.).
  • Reduced chances of lockouts.

If locking mechanism is not working or is having frequent disconnections, please contact us for support.

Arize Water Detector AWD110

The Arize Water Detector is placed beside water sources like washer, sinks, bathtubs, and toilets to provide real-time alerts in case of a water leak. When moisture is detected, alerts are sent through the Arize platform to alert you of a water leak. The lightweight, compact design makes the detector easily attachable to any surface while also keeping your belongings safe from water damage.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Remote monitoring capability through a single app. (IOS/Android)
  • Real-time response and notifications when moisture is detected.
  • Compact size and lightweight design make for a non-intrusive sensor.
  • Peace of mind that belongings are safe from potential water damage.
  • Avoid hidden water leaks and hazardous mold.
  • 24/7 water detection alerts sent through the app.

Device will need to have the battery changed once a year, please contact your property manager to get them replaced.

Motion Detector AMD110

The Arize Motion Detector faces any entry point, providing real-time alerts on potential intrusions. The device distinguishes between human and non-human movement thanks to an infrared sensor that measures temperature.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Keep unauthorized personnel from trespassing
  • Alerts can be sent as notifications through resident app. (iOS/Android)
  • Improved apartment security and protection.
  • Avoid privacy concerns associated with video surveillance.
  • Sensors that can distinguish human from non-human movements, so pets can move about freely.

Device will need to have the battery changed once a year, please contact your property manager when this need presents itself.

Entry Sensor AES110

The Arize Entry Sensor, which is installed on a door or windows, provides real-time alerts in the case that these entry points are unexpectedly opened. When attached to a door or window border, the sensor will work in any direction. As a result, residents gain security assurances while maintaining the aesthetic look of their home.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Alarm immediately sounds, deterring unwanted visitors from entering property.
  • Monitor connection status and alerts through the resident app (iOS/Android).
  • Get reminders when you forget to securely close doors or windows.
  • Feel safe in your home.
  • Alert sent through app as a notification to your phone.

Device will need to have the battery changed once a year, please contact your property manager to get them replaced.

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