How do I keep my account secure?

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How do I keep my account secure?

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There are three important rules to follow to keep your home secure.  

First, make sure that you do not share Arize account credentials with anyone that you don’t trust. If you do need to grant access to your home to someone, be sure to utilize the access code sharing feature within the app. You can learn more about access code sharing here:  

If you need to add another permanent resident to your home, contact your property manager to set up an account for him/her.  

Second, be sure to change your account password periodically. We recommend you change your password every 3 months. You can learn how to do this through the app here: 

Finally, if you notice any suspicious account activity (e.g.: random lock access alerts, unauthorized account settings activities, etc.), be sure to change your password, contact your property manager, and email our customer support team ( for assistance.   

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