Resident Quick Start Guide


Resident Quick Start Guide

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Installing the Arize Resident App

  1. Download the Arize Resident app from Google Play or App Store by searching “Arize Resident” or use the links below:
  1. Check your email inbox and look for an email with the subject line “Arize – Invitation to Join” for your login credentials to the app.
  1. Log in to Arize Resident app with your email and temporary password. It will ask you to create a new password. Once finished, you will be logged in to the app with the new password.

If you need any help, please email us at or call us at (833)383-7962

Connecting your Hub to your Wi-Fi

The Arize hub is the communication center of all your smart devices. It must be plugged in and connected to the internet to control your devices.

After you have logged in to Arize Resident app, you will see four introduction pages that discuss the overall features and benefits of using the Arize Resident app. Click on the bottom button that says “Connect hub to start” to connect the hub to your WiFi.

  1. Follow the app’s instructions to start pairing and connecting to your WiFi.

  1. Open your WiFi network on your phone and look for the network titled “Arize”. Connect to that and go back to the Arize Resident app. Click on the bottom button that says “I’m connected”

  1. The Arize app will search and show you a list of nearby WiFi. Select your WiFi on the list.

  1. Enter the Password for your WiFi network and click on the bottom button that says “Connect”
    Note: If your WiFi doesn’t require a password, then check “My network doesn’t have a password”.

  1. If your network is not searchable, you can set it up by clicking on “Manually set up WiFi” at the bottom of the WiFi network list.

  1. The smart hub will activate the connection between your hub and your WiFi network. This process might take a few minutes, depending on your WiFi cable speed & bandwidth. You will see a prompt congratulating you that your device is connected to your WiFi.

What If I get a WiFi connection failed notification?
Double-check your password to make sure it’s correct. If your WiFi is a public network that requires web authentication, then the app & device will not support this network. You’ll have to make changes to your network setting to turn web authentication off for the connection process to work.

If you need any help please email us at or call us at (833)383-7962

Changing WiFi on your Arize Hub

If you need to change the WiFi connection to your hub after your account’s first set up, please refer to How do I change the Wi-Fi network connected to your hub?

Setting up Notifications

You can set up your notification settings for how you want to receive notifications and alerts. Please refer to Where do I edit notification settings?

Changing Account Password

You can change your account password at any time. See How do I change my account password?

Creating New Access Codes for Visitors

You can also send an access code to your visitors without being home or needing a key. See How to create new access codes for your visitors

If you need any help please email us at or call us at (833)383-7962

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