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How to get started  

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This quick guide will show you how to use your Arize Thermostat.   

To the right of the display screen, you’ll see 4 arrow buttons and an OK button. These are your main controls. You can use these buttons to navigate the thermostat screens and change your thermostat mode, fan mode, schedule, and settings.    

Here’s a quick description of the information displayed on the thermostat’s main screen:

  1. Current Indoor Temperature
  2. Set Temperature(s)
  3. Indoor Humidity Percentage
  4. Thermostat Mode
  5. Fan Mode
  6. Main Menu
  7. Thermostat Schedule Status

To change your thermostat mode:

  1. Press the left < and right > arrows and highlight the Mode icon 
  2. Press OK to access the thermostat mode selection screen 
  3. Press the up ^ and down v arrows to cycle through thermostat modes  
  4. Press OK to select your desired thermostat mode 
  5. If you selected auto/heat/cool mode, press up ^ and down v to set your desired temperature(s)  
  6. Press OK to return to the thermostat main page 

To change your set temperature:  

  1. When you’re on the main thermostat screen and you’re currently running auto/heat/cool mode, press the up ^ and down v arrows to view the set temperature screen  
  2. Press the up and down v arrows to set your desired temperature  
  3. Press OK to return to the thermostat main page 

To change your fan mode:   

  1. Press the left < and right > arrows to highlight the Fan Mode icon
  2. Press OK while the Fan Mode icon is highlighted to view the fan mode selection screen
  3. Press the up ^ and down v arrows to select your desired fan mode  
  4. Press OK to run the desired fan mode  

To access the main menu:

  1. Press the right > arrow until the Menu icon is highlighted  
  2. Press OK to view the thermostat menu 
  3. Press the right > arrow to navigate through the menu 
  4. Press OK while your desired menu option is highlighted to view more options
  5. Press the left arrow while the Schedule icon is highlighted to exit the menu

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