How do I connect my thermostat to my personal Wi-Fi?

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How do I connect my thermostat to my personal Wi-Fi?

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This walkthrough demonstrates how to connect your Arize Thermostat to your personal Wi-Fi using either the Arize Resident App or the Arize Thermostat device. Before following these steps, make sure that you are not already connected to your personal Wi-Fi network. 

To connect your Arize Thermostat to your personal Wi-Fi: 

  1. Use the left < and right > arrows to navigate to the menu, and press OK   
  1. Use the right > arrow to highlight the Network icon, and press OK  
  1. Press OK on Connect to view the current network connection status  
  1. Press OK on Reconfigure to view the Wi-Fi setup instructions screen  
  1. Open the Arize Resident App and go to the thermostat device page, then to Thermostat Settings, then to Configure Wi-Fi   
  1. Confirm that your Arize Thermostat is on the Wi-Fi setup page   
  1. Follow the in-app instructions to connect to your personal Wi-Fi  
    • Note: You must connect the thermostat to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network  

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