How do I control my thermostat using the Arize Resident App? 

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How do I control my thermostat using the Arize Resident App? 

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With the Arize Resident App, you can control all aspects of your Arize Thermostat. This includes the ability to create thermostat schedules or change the device’s set temperature, thermostat mode, or fan mode settings. 

On the Arize Resident App dashboard page, you will be able to see all the devices currently connected to your Arize Smart Hub. Press the thermostat to view the thermostat device page.   

Here’s a quick description of the information displayed on the thermostat page: 

  1. Current Indoor Temperature
  2. Set Temperature Slider
  3. Indoor Humidity Percentage
  4. Thermostat Schedule Status
  5. Thermostat Mode
  6. Fan Mode
  7. Thermostat Schedule
  8. Thermostat Lock/Unlock
  9. Thermostat Settings

To change your set temperature: 

  1. Press the Temperature Slider icon  
  2. Drag the Temperature Slider icon to the desired set temperature(s) 

Note: It may take a few seconds for your thermostat device to register the new set temperature.  

To change your thermostat mode: 

  1. Press the Thermostat Mode icon
  2. Press the Auto icon to turn on auto mode and keep your indoor temperature within a set temperature range 
  3. Press the Cool icon to turn on your air conditioning 
  4. Press the Heat icon to turn on your heating 
  5. Press the Off icon to turn the thermostat off
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To change your fan mode:   

  1. Press the Fan Mode icon 
  2. Press the Auto icon to turn on fan auto mode (fan will only run if currently heating or cooling)  
  3. Press the On icon to turn your fan on (fan will run indefinitely)   
  4. Press the Circulating icon to turn on fan circulation (fan will run when heating or cooling and will circulate three times per hour when not heating or cooling)
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To view your thermostat schedule: 

  1. Press the Schedule icon  
  2. To turn on scheduling, press Schedule Options and turn on Schedule 

Note: Learn more about creating and editing thermostat schedules: (Link)   

To lock or unlock your thermostat:   

  1. Press the Lock icon 
  2. Read the thermostat lock alert and instructions
  3. Press Lock to lock your thermostat, or press Cancel to close the alert and instructions
  4. To unlock your thermostat, click the Lock icon on the thermostat app page, or press OK three times on your Arize Thermostat device 
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Note: You can also view thermostat settings by clicking on the settings gear icon in the top right corner: 

  • Configure Wi-Fi: Update or change the Wi-Fi network your thermostat is connected to
  • Firmware Update: Update or view the current thermostat firmware version  
  • Temperature: Adjust your temperature unit between Fahrenheit and Celsius  
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