How do I view and change my thermostat settings? 

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How do I view and change my thermostat settings? 

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This walkthrough explains how to change your thermostat settings using either the Arize Resident App or the Arize Thermostat device.  

To view your thermostat settings through the Arize Resident App:  

  1. Press the Thermostat Device icon on the dashboard page to access the thermostat page 
  2. Press the Settings Gear icon in the top right corner to view and edit your thermostat settings 
  3. You will have the option to configure your Wi-Fi, update your thermostat firmware, and/or change your temperature unit settings  

To view or change your thermostat settings through the Arize Thermostat:  

  • Use the left and right > arrows to navigate to the menu, and press OK
  • Use the right > arrow to highlight the Settings icon, and press OK  
  • Use the up ^ and down v arrows to view and edit your thermostat settings  
  • You will have the option to adjust your home temperature, screen brightness, screen timeout timer, button sound, and/or advanced settings  
    • We strongly encourage you to avoid changing the advanced settings, as they are preconfigured to maximize your thermostat’s performance  
    • If your thermostat is currently holding a temperature, then your settings menu will include hold settings as well. 
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