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How do I copy my thermostat schedule?    

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There are two ways to copy your thermostat schedule  

  • Through the Arize Resident App  
  • Using the Arize Smart Thermostat 

To copy your thermostat schedule through the Arize Resident App 

  1. Open the Arize Resident App.  
  2. From the resident dashboard, tap the thermostat device tile. 
  3. Tap the Schedule icon. 
  4. Tap Schedule Options. 
  5. Tap Copy Schedule. 
  6. Select which days of the week you want to copy the schedule to.  
  7. Tap Copy to copy the schedule over to each of the selected days or tap Cancel to return to the thermostat schedule screen.  

Note: Pull down to refresh and view the updated schedule changes.   

To copy your thermostat schedule using the Arize Smart Thermostat

  1. Use the  left  <  and  right  >  arrows  to navigate to the menuicon  and press OK. 
  2. Press OK  while the Schedule icon is highlighted.  
  3. If the thermostat schedule is currently turned on, press  OK  when the desired day’s schedule you wish to copy is highlighted.  
  4. Highlight Copy Schedule  to copy the selected day’s schedule over to other days of the week.    
  5. Press OK  to select which days of the week will receive the new schedule.   
    1. Note: You must select at least one day to copy the schedule over to.    
  6. Press OK  on  Copy  Schedule  to copy over the schedule, or press  Cancel  to return to the weekday selection screen.    

Note: Copying a schedule will replace any existing schedules for all selected days.