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How do I edit my thermostat schedule? 

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There are two ways to edit your thermostat schedule on and off 

  • Through the Arize Resident App  
  • Using the Arize Thermostat device  

To edit your thermostat schedule through the Arize Resident App 

  1. Open the Arize Resident App.  
  2. From the resident dashboard, tap the thermostat device tile. 
  3. Tap the Schedule icon. 
  4. Tap the time period tile you want to edit.  
  5. From here you can:   
    1. Tap the mode icon to change the thermostat mode.  
    2. Tap Set Heat or Set Cool to set the desired temperature(s) for that time period.  
    3. Tap Start Time to select the desired start time for that time period.  
  6. Tap Save. 

To edit your thermostat schedule using the Arize Smart Thermostat

  1. Use the left < and right > arrows to navigate to the menu icon and press OK.    
  2. Press OK when the scheduleicon is highlighted.  
  3. Use the up ^ and down v arrows to navigate to the desired day of the week you would like to view and press OK.  
  4. Use the up ^ and down v arrows to navigate to the time period that you want to. edit and press OK.  
  5. While on the time period overview screen:    
    1. Highlight Mode and press OK to edit the thermostat mode for that time period.   
    2. Highlight Temperature and press OK to edit the set temperature(s) for that time period.  
    3. Highlight Start Time and press OK to adjust when that time period will begin.    

Note: If you adjust a start time that overlaps with another time period, the new time period will replace the previously scheduled one.