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How do I view my thermostat schedule?  

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There are two ways to view your thermostat schedule

  • Through the Arize Resident App  
  • Using the Arize Smart Thermostat 

To view your thermostat schedule through the Arize Resident App 

  1. Open the Arize Resident App.  
  2. From the resident dashboard, tap the thermostat device tile. 
  3. Tap the Schedule icon. 
  4. Tap the time period tiles to view the schedule information.  

To view your thermostat schedule using the Arize Smart Thermostat

  1. Use the left < and right > arrows to navigate to the Menu icon and press OK.   
  2. Press OK while the Scheduleicon is highlighted.  
  3. Navigate to the desired day of the week you would like to view and press OK.   
  4. You will see the desired day’s schedule, including a list of time periods and temperature settings.