How do I resolve alerts?

There are three different ways to resolve alerts  Manually resolve alerts. Batch resolve alerts. Resolve all new alerts. Manually resolve alerts  Click Alerts in the side navigation menu. Filter through to find the alert(s) you want to resolve. Once you have found the alert(s) you want to resolve, click on the check icon under the […]

How do I filter alerts?

There are three ways to filter alerts  Filter by alert type. Filter by alert status (“resolved” or “untreated”). Pre-filtered Active Device Alerts quick links. Filter by alert type Click Alerts in the side navigation menu. Use the buttons below the filter section to filter by “Alert Type”. Filter by alert status (“resolved” or “untreated”)  Click […]

What are the different types of alerts?

There are four different types of alerts Safety and Security alerts update you on the status of each unit. You will receive alerts for water leaks, fire detection, extreme temperatures, motion sensor activity, and entry access. Low-battery alerts let you know when devices are low on battery and need to be replaced. Offline alerts let […]

Where do I receive alerts?

When an alert is triggered, both the property manager and resident will receive a notification. Property managers will receive a brief alert in the upper right corner of the Arize Management Portal. Residents will receive alerts as push notifications from the app. To view all alerts in the Arize Management Portal  Click Alerts in the […]