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What does the temperature hold feature do?

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When you set your Arize Smart Thermostat to hold a temperature, it will maintain that specific temperature for the time period of your choice.  This is convenient if you want your thermostat to temporarily ignore scheduled or automatic temperature changes and remain at a specific temperature without erasing any of your schedules. 

Examples of when starting a hold may be helpful 

  1. You want to set the temperature in a specific unit for the duration of a self-guided tour.
  2. You want to keep vacant units from wasting too much energy and driving up costs.
  3. Your residents want to save on their energy bills by keeping their units within an energy-efficient temperature range.
  Note: Property managers can control the thermostats in the “Vacant” section. They can only view the status and information of the thermostats in the “Occupied” section. By default, thermostats in vacant units are set to “Off” mode.