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How do I send a weekly access code to a guest? 

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Weekly repeating access codes are set to occur on the same day of each repeating week, within a specified time frame. It does not expire until you delete it.  

To send a weekly access code to a guest 

  1. Open the Arize Resident App.   
  2. From the resident dashboard, tap the access icon located on the bottom menu.  
  3. Tap the + button located in the upper right corner of the screen.  
  4. Select the device you want to allow access to.  
  5. Tap Next. 
  6. Tap Repeats Weekly. 
  7. Set the date and the start and end times the code will be active.  
  8. Tap Next. 
  9. Input guest information and whether they will receive the access code via email or SMS.  
  10. Tap Next. 
  11. Review the information and tap Send Access Code.