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How do I start using the Arize Smart Thermostat in the Arize Resident App? 

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You can remotely control your Arize Smart Thermostat through the Arize Resident App. This includes the ability to create thermostat schedules or change the device’s set temperature, thermostat mode, or fan mode settings.   

Here’s a quick description of the information displayed on the thermostat screen 

Thermostat Directions
  1. Set Temperature Slider - This is where you can control and set the temperature(s). 
  2. Current Indoor Temperature – This display’s the current indoor temperature. 
  3. Indoor Humidity Percentage - This is where the indoor humidity is displayed. 
  4. Thermostat Schedule Status - This is where the schedule status is displayed. 
  5. Thermostat Mode - This is where you can control the thermostat mode. The thermostat mode is where you control cooling and heating. 
  6. Fan Mode – This is where you can control the fan mode.  The fan mode is where you control airflow. 
  7. Thermostat Schedule - This is where you can set a preferred thermostat schedule.  
  8. Thermostat Lock/Unlock - This is where you can lock or unlock your thermostat.  Locking it will prevent anyone from changing the settings.  Unlocking it will enable anyone with access to the thermostat to change the settings.  
  9. Thermostat Settings - This is where you can change the thermostat settings.  This includes changing the temperature unit.