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How do I troubleshoot the Arize Smart Motion Sensor?  

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If the Arize Motion Sensor does not power on...

Cause Solution
Batteries are not inserted properly Reinsert the batteries and make sure that they are correctly oriented.
Batteries are defective or out of power Replace the batteries and retry.

If the Arize Smart Entry Sensor failed to pair...

Cause Solution
Zigbee pairing process is taking longer than anticipated Insert SIM card eject pin into the reset slot under the QR Code. This will reset the entry sensor.  Retry the pairing process. 

If the device ID QR code cannot be scanned...

Cause Solution
The device ID is not registered in the system Try installing a different device. If this doesn’t work, contact for further assistance.
The environment is too dark Turn the flash on the camera using the Arize Installer App. Rescan the device ID or input the device ID manually.