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What are the different types of alerts?

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There are four different types of alerts

  1. Safety and Security alerts update you on the status of each unit. You will receive alerts for water leaks, fire detection, extreme temperatures, motion sensor activity, and entry access.
  2. Low-battery alerts let you know when devices are low on battery and need to be replaced.
  3. Offline alerts let you know that the device is offline due to connectivity issues.
  4. Extreme temperature alerts let you know that the indoor temperature of a unit is either extremely cold or extremely hot.  The thermostat will automatically begin heating or cooling until it reaches the desired set temperature.
Devices Offline Alerts Low-battery Alerts Safety Alerts Security Alerts
Hub Offline
Honeywell Thermostat Offline
Arize Thermostat Offline

Extreme Temperatures (hot/cold)

Extreme Temperature Resolved

High Humidity

Light Switch Offline
Dimmer Switch Offline
Yale Lock Offline Low battery Access code used
Arize Lock Offline Low battery

Tamper detected

Multiple failed access attempts

Access code used

Entry Sensor
(Gen 1 & 2)
Offline Low battery Entry Detected
Motion Sensor
(Gen 1 & 2)
Offline Low battery Motion Detected
Water Sensor
(Gen 1 & 2)
Offline Low battery Water Detected
Smoke Listener
(Gen 1 & 2)
Offline Low battery Smoke Detected Tamper Detected