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What is Arize Zone Management?   

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With Arize Zone Management, you can grant and revoke access to every Arize device in a building, all from the Arize Management Portal. Within Arize Zone Management, you’ll find Tenants and Team members, Zones, Entry Points, and Activity. These sections enable you to add building occupants, set up the correct zones for entry points, and monitor individuals coming in and out of your building.     

  • Tenants and Teams:  These are the individuals you’re planning to grant access to the Arize Management Portal.  
  • Entry Points:  Every Arize Smart Lock or Openpath Smart Reader within a given building is identified as an entry point in Arize Zone Management.  
  • Zone:  You can group one or more entry points into a zone and designate who has access to that zone.  
  • Activity:  Monitor who enters and exits your spaces by viewing a log of access events.  

Note: Arize devices only record guest access history.