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How do I troubleshoot a hub that is offline?   

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To troubleshoot a hub using the device

  1. First, make sure the hub is plugged into a power source. You should see a green light above the power icon if it is plugged in. 
  2. Try unplugging the hub, then plugging it back in to initiate the boot-up process. 
  3. Make sure that the 4G/Wi-Fi light indicator is green during the boot-up process (red indicates offline). 
  4. If the 4G/Wi-Fi light indicator is still red, contact your property manager for further assistance. 

To troubleshoot a hub through the Arize Resident App

  1. Open the Arize Resident App. 
  2. Tap menu icon located at the upper left corner of the screen.  
  3. Tap Settings. 
  4. Tap Devices. 
  5. Locate your hub in the menu. 
  6. Tap Configure Wi-Fi. 
  7. Select your Wi-Fi network. 
  8. Enter the Wi-Fi password. 
  9. Tap Connect.